Good Afternoon Everyone

Over the past couple of months, the board has received numerous concerns from you the members regarding our decision to increase the registration renewal fees for this year.  The decision to increase fees was voted on and made pre-covid.  After reviewing the concerns of the membership, the board has decided to retract the fee increase for this year.  Any member who has already paid their renewal fee will receive an e-transfer next week to return the extra $25.00 that was paid. 

Another concern that was raised by the membership was the lack of transparency on our financial statements.  We are requesting that our auditor break down the categories on the statements so that the membership can see what is included in the category and costs.

One of the goals this year is to increase communication between the board and our members for better understanding and more transparency. We encourage the membership to bring forward any concerns you may have in a respectful manner through the proper channels.  We want you to know that we do listen to your concerns. 


The CMTNL Board