What is the CMTNL?

The function of the College is to protect the public by registering massage therapists and regulating the massage therapy profession.

pic1Through the approval of the Lieutenant-Governor, and with the consent of the Minister of Health and Community Services and Cabinet, the College is empowered to make regulations governing and directing the activities of the massage therapy profession in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Board of Directors of the College is composed of five massage therapists who are elected by the members of the College and two directors representing the public interest. The Minister of Health and Community Services appoints the two public directors. Directors are normally elected/appointed for a three-year term, and may be re-elected and serve for nine consecutive years.

The duty of elected directors is to protect the public interest.

The two directors appointed from the public are chosen to maintain public confidence in the self-governing status of massage therapy as a regulated health profession.

The college acts to protect the public interest by:

  • Ensuring high standards of education and professionalism
  • Administering competency examinations
  • Maintaining a register of all certified massage therapists
  • Investigating complaints and recommending disciplinary action
  • Prescribing and evaluating a continuous quality assurance program for members
  • Developing guidelines and policy for the profession
  • Educating the public about the profession