• Claudette Warren, Chair
  • Stephanie Daly, Chair of Exams
  • Wendy Squires Ennis, Chair of Quality Assurance, Education and Scope of Practice
  • Claudette Marie Warren, Chair of Finance
  • Dawn Gibbons, Chair of Complaints and Discipline
  • Marcie Kirkpatrick, Chair of Communications
  • Yolanda Critch, Registrar
  • Jessica Moore, Past Chair

Public Members

  • Heather Coates

Disciplinary Panel Public Members

  • David Murphy
  • Kerri-Lynn Power

Quality Assurance Officer 

  • Jocelyn Kielly-Dja


The Board meets four or more times a year with one annual general meeting for all members of the College. The College submits an annual report and auditor’s report to the Minister of Health and Community Services. All massage therapists must be registered with the College in order to practice massage therapy in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. All massage therapists must abide by the Act, Regulations, Bylaws, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.


If a member of the public has a concern about the care he or she has received from a massage therapist they should contact the Registrar. Strict confidence is maintained in answering all concerns.

Contact the Registrar through 709 739 7181 or toll free at 888 739 7181.