The appeal application is to see if you have a reason for appeal. The candidate who simply feels they passed and the exam process is in fault without reason would not be granted an appeal.  At the OSCE exam, each candidate is given the opportunity to comment on the exam process.  If an appeal for the OSCE is being submitted, it must be done within 24 hours after the exam.

If you feel that you should be granted an appeal for your OSCE or MCQ exam, please contact the registrar at for the application.  Your appeal application will be reviewed by the appeal panel and a decision is then given to the registrar. The option to go before the panel is to make your case for an appeal and if you were granted the appeal then you could have an reread or ect. You must have reason for the appeal. The appeal cost is $100 and a reread if granted, the cost is $800. The appeal process is to maintain the integrity of the exam, if not every candidate would request an reread.

The fees for appeals are in no way a profit to the college. These fees are to pay for the non basis RMT’s that sit on the appeal panel and who would review the exam. This is to ensure the process is fair to candidate and the review is not being conducted by the same individuals who administered the exam.

The role of the college is to protect the public and the exam process is designed to insure this. We are fully confident that our exams are well designed to be fair to the candidate.