As the province is about to open to the rest of Canada in July we remind RMTs the importance of screening and following guidelines. 

COVID Screening:

  • RMTs can treat clients who travelled outside of the province  at their own or their clinic’s discretion 
  • RMTs are allowed to require a maximum of 2 weeks waiting period, but not self-isolation, before a client can be treated if they travelled outside of the province
  • Clients should be made aware of any new requirements prior to their appointments and it should be added to your COVID screening questionnaire
  • Clients should be given options of alternatives to treatment if the RMT is denying/postponing treatment. This may include referral to another RMT, health provider, home care instructions and/or rescheduled for the next available appointment time after the two week waiting period 


  • Clients may be asked if they are vaccinated for the sole purpose to update their personal health information however a client does not need to disclose this information
  • A RMT does not need to disclose to clients if they are vaccinated or not
  • Treatment can not be denied or postponed  based on vaccination status
  • PPE requirements for clients (masks) and RMTs remain the same regardless of vaccination status

The number one defence we have to protect the public and the members is the screening and use of PPE. We understand many are tiring of the guidelines in place but  safety must always be at the forefront.  As the Chief Medical Officer makes recommendations and loosens restrictions we will do the same and update the members and public. 


The Covid Committee