April 18th, 2020

Good day,

I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy during this pandemic. Since the mandated shut-down of public health care providers, the CMTNL has continued to work with the Health Regulators Network on a weekly basis. As everything has stayed status quo we understand that members are faced with uncertainty as to what’s next and when will things change. We are currently in communication with Department of Health and Community Services and the Health Regulators Network about the next steps to allow public health providers to provide essential services. There are a considerable amount of details to work out should this comes into effect. As for now everything remains the same and the CMTNL will continue with a weekly update to keep our registrants informed of what work is happening behind the scenes. To date, there are NO changes to report.

If at any time you may have any concerns or questions, please reach out to us. As we navigate through these uncharted waters, we want our registrants to know that we are keeping the public’s safety and the safety of our RMT’s our main priority.

Keep safe,

Jessica Moore