The College of Massage Therapists of Newfoundland and Labrador maintains a list of massage therapists registered in the province. Please see below.

ATTENTION: While we strive to update this list as often as possible, some Active Registrants may not appear. For a comprehensive list or to inquire about the status of a particular Registered Massage Therapist, please contact the Registrar at

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StatusLast NameFirst NameCity
Active Abbott Jessica
Active Abbott (Hefferman) Tina Goulds
Active Allingham Janaye CBS
Active Andersen Christina St. John's
Active Anderson Angela St. John's
Active Anstey Samantha Grand Falls - Windsor
Active Aspin Meigan Norris Point
Active Aumont Renelle St. John's
Active BabiJ Mariola St. John's
Active Baird Amanda Mt. Pearl
Active Baker Jamie Grand Falls - Windsor
Active Baker (Pike) Deidre Paradise
Active Ballard Jena
Active Banfield Chantal Burin Bay Arm
Active Barnes Stephen St. John's
Active Barrett Susan New Harbour
Active Barrett Katherine Gander
Active Batten Judy St. John's
Active Bell Nadya Witless Bay
Active Bennett Lisa St. John's
Active Benoit Renee Clarenville
Active Benoit Danica St. John's
Active Beson Chantal Mt. Pearl
Active Biggs Celene Coley's Point
Active Billings Chelsey
Active Bolger Stephanie St. John's
Active Bonekamp Nicole
Active Boone Katharine St. John's
Active Brinson Moore Jessica Dona Springdale
Active Brinston Sara Bay Roberts
Active Bromley (Hall) Christine Paradise
Active Brophy John Corner Brook
Active Brophy Tiffany Deer Lake
Active Brown Tracy St. John's
Active Brown Robert Mt. Pearl
Active Brown Beverley Mt. Pearl
Active Browne Denise Mt. Pearl
Active Brushett Stephanie St. John's
Active Bulai Paul St. John's
Active Burden Miranda Grand Falls - Windsor