Candidate Examination Handbook contains information for candidates on the OSCE and MCQ Exams, the process and scoring.  Please download and read  Examinations Candidate Handbook 2019 




Application Deadline

Withdraw (without penalty)

April 14th(Sunday)

March 1st 

March 22nd

June 8th

April 26th

May 17th

August 17th

July 5th

July 26th

December 7th

October 25th

November 15th

Please note the CMTNL reserves the right to cancel an exam based on insufficient applicants.  A minimum number of applicants must apply for an exam to go ahead as scheduled. 


MCQ Exam Dates

MCQ Date

Application Deadline

Withdraw (without penalty)

March 30th

March 15th

March 26th

June 9th

May 24th

June 5th

August 13th & 16th***


December 8th

August 2nd


October 25th

August 14th


November 15th 

*** Due to large candidate numbers and scheduling issues we have made changes to the available dates. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Please review the options below and respond by email ( to confirm which day you prefer.  Once you have confirmed a date you will receive your examination details by email.

Exam Options:

A) Tuesday August 13th

B) Friday August 16th

C) Sunday August 18th (by special request ONLY, due to travel arrangements or other commitments. This date has limited spaces available)


Costs of Exams





OSCE late withdrawal fee (within 2 weeks prior to exam)


OSCE late withdrawal fee (one day prior or day of exam)




MCQ late withdrawal fee (within 4 days prior to exam)


Withdrawal Fee with proper medical documentation


Incomplete Application or insufficient funds


Appeals Fee


Download Exam Application: CMTNL-Registration-Exam-Application-2019